Why your scripts are not real automation

When it comes to IT automation there is always a debate whether or not to buy a ready to use software or to have it scripted.  So here is a list of points one has to consider before giving the green light either for scripting or to purchase IT automation software.

Scripting vs Automation

Scripting is a slow, time consuming process, and it’s difficult for maintenance. Human erring has high risks and it’s challenging to track and fix, thus it leads to troubles in maintaining the scripts and its results. When something goes wrong, nobody knows what happened, who is the guy who wrote those scripts? So there is another barrier for IT personnel. If we are talking already about maintenance, we have to mention that it’s hard to keep documentation up to date, not to remark that the lack of ability  to audit and record each script execution, is almost impossible, since there is no unified language, no consistency and nobody who controls those scripts.

However there are other factors that have to be considered too. As I mentioned above, scripting is a slow process thus requiring more time and cost, sometimes more than just buying a piece of tool, moreover deteriorating the level of efficiency of the team.

Scripting is not real automation, its only part of  IT automation.

So what can full IT automation give you? It’s easy to implement, takes only a couple of hours and you can start your IT process automation. You can capture, document, audit, and control your processes.

You get to see value from day-one and not only that it saves you time to delivery, you will see your ROI very fast.

Let’s take as an example one of the everyday tasks an IT person has to carry out – disk space cleaning on servers, and see what happens when you use scripting or IT automation software. With scripting you have to implement on every and each server the task and its policy, when to delete, what to delete, who will approve that change and more…it’s difficult to know what part of the execution have been done and if there was a failure , moreover what caused that failure. However when you have an IT automation software, these processes can be easily managed and controlled by using a visual workflow to see on your dashboard the status of each task.

And still, if you insist to keep your current scripting work or can’t stop yourself from doing scripting, do it with the help of a visual IT workflow designer where you can empower your skills using product or tool that will empower your work, improve your script and provide you with full control and visibility, so your boss can be impressed how fast and efficient you did this project and how happy he is now that he can have full view about these tasks, and you don’t have to tell him it’s done with one hand tied behind your back.

IT Process Automation Survival Guide

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