How Ayehu Can Help You Win the Automation Race

You’ve probably heard the term “Enterprise Platform.” In many situations, this is a fairly accurate statement. In some, however, such as the race to innovate, the idea that the bigger the vendor, the better the outcome is simply not always the case. In fact, to the contrary, we believe Ayehu is not only capable of competing with legacy automation vendors, but is actually in a much better position to help CIOs lead their organizations to victory. Here’s why.

Automation companies grow over time, but their DNA remains the same. It’s been present since their inception. Some of the most successful players in the automation space, like HP, BMC, IBM have been around for many years – far longer than Ayehu. But while their length of service may provide them some advantages, their legacy DNA, which is at the core of their existence, may actually present a hindrance.

This is particularly relevant in today’s uncertain climate, where IT leaders are seeking speed, nimbleness and agility. And the truth is, the larger a vendor becomes, the less it is able to offer these benefits. Sure, there may be lots of fancy bells and impressive whistles associated with their products. But in reality, very few organizations actually need all those frills. Even fewer need the added expense that comes along with them.

Today, CIO’s are no longer afraid of choosing innovative startup over well-known enterprise software companies because they recognize that the biggest the risk, the bigger the reward.

As a young, innovative startup, Ayehu is not encumbered by the legacy DNA or services-heavy business models of many of the dinosaurs that have long dominated the automation space. Being lighter and more agile enables us to make rapid progress, iterate quickly and pivot on a dime. We find – especially now – that this way of operating more effectively addresses the unique challenges and aligns much more closely with the goals and priorities of today’s CIOs.

Last, but certainly not least, our advanced product is not only powerful, but rooted in innovation and continuous improvement. New features, enhanced capabilities and an ever-growing list of seamless integrations make Ayehu one of the most efficient and effective intelligent process automation tools on the market. And with a codeless, drag-and-drop visual designer and over 200 pre-built, ready-to-use workflow templates, we are able to get organizations up and running with automation in less than an hour. (No, that is not an exaggeration.)

Thanks to all of these things, we are able to help our customers achieve the agility, performance optimization, cost savings and resilience they need to compete in the digital age. These customers vary by size, location and industry to include everything from global MSPs and international telecommunications organizations to multinational financial services firms, major school districts and more. We’ve also been named a Cool Vendor in IT Automation by Gartner, and recognized in several of their market guides over the years.

So, does bigger always mean better? Sometimes, yes. But not when it comes to winning the automation battle. The victory for that race goes to the swift, and Ayehu can help get you to the finish line faster.

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