How do you manage your alert notifications and escalation procedures in today complex IT?

As an IT Manager, you probably get hundreds of emails a day, not to mention alert notifications and escalation from your monitoring systems, which “flood” your mailbox all day, every day. With so many incoming communications, it can be challenging and time consuming to distinguish between what is and isn’t important. This creates the inevitable risk that the moment a real problem arises, you might very well miss it.

For most organizations, this is simply not acceptable, but it’s par for the course with email notifications. So, what’s the solution? Simple: it’s time to consider changing the way you receive your alerts. Relying on email for critical for alert notifications and escalations can be risky. SMS is a much more effective tool for IT Managers.

How to automate alert notification & escalation procedures

When you connect your monitoring systems to SMS, you can effectively streamline your entire communication process, including:

  1. Setting up your alerting/monitoring system to send notification via SMS
  2. Escalating important alerts via SMS to business users and managers
  3. Using two-way SMS notification for receiving acknowledgements and allowing quick response
  4. Preparing pre-configured processes that will allow you to remediate incidents just by replying via your mobile device

With this advanced integration, you can:

  • Automate all of your alert notifications & escalations to be sent via email, SMS and phone calls (all three, if desired)
  • Open, update, and close tickets in service desk tools via automated workflow
  • Reduce resolution time of network and system alerts
  • Empower Level 1 and Level 2 operators to resolve more incidents, quickly and remotely

IT Operations & NOC managers are under intense demands to meet SLAs, providing better service to their customers. With Ayehu eyeShare for alert Notification & Escalation (N&E) Management Solution IT operations and Network Operation Center (NOC) managers can automate their entire incident notifications and escalations procedures, gaining better control over their incident-routing communication to their employees and customers.

Automating alert notifications to IT operations will significantly improve your application, service availability and reduce the Mean Time To Resolution.

Watch this video tutorial: Alert Notification and Escalation with Ayehu eyeShare

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