How To Automate VMware Snapshots

Let’s say you’d like to create a daily task to Automate VMware snapshots on multiple VM server instances, as well as to delete old ones. Yes, you could probably use a script or powerCLI, but that would require some code writing skills as well as ongoing tweaks and modifications over time – for scheduling frequency (Windows task scheduler), targeting different servers, and so on. Not to mention debugging the script when it does not run.

See the Automate VMware Snapshots process in action:

Instead, how about using a pre-defined VMware automated workflow that lets you schedule snapshot creation and removal on any number of VM servers? You can control the target servers through an external file, modify the schedule and easily add any additional IT tasks to the pre-defined workflow (such as sending alert notifications).

The ‘Create VMware snapshots’ workflow:

  • Reads server list from excel file -to identify all virtual servers to be handled. The server list can be stored in an Excel file, database, or text file.
  • Creates a snapshot – loops through the server list and creates a snapshot for each virtual server.
  • Execute VMware snapshots on a daily basis or on-demand (via change request, email or SMS) at any time.

Workflow Customization

The ‘Create VMWare snapshots’ workflow can be tailored with additional pre-packaged IT actions. For instance, you could send an email or SMS alert in case a server snapshot fails or if you wish to delete an old VM snapshot. Use eyeShare’s visual workflow studio to drag and drop additional actions.

With the VMware vSphere integration administrators can automate VMware snapshot lets you save the current state of a virtual machine, so you can return to it at any time.

With Ayehu eyeShare IT process automation you can take multiple VMware snapshots of any number of servers – automatically and at any time.

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