Integrating IT process automation with BMC Remedy

BMC’s Remedy ITSM software is widely considered to be one of the most complete and capable IT Service Management solutions available on the market today. It is used by some of the most demanding IT organizations in the world, particularly for its span of ITSM processes and scalability. The only thing better than working solely with Remedy is integrating it with the right IT process automation program to provide the ultimate in flexibility, control and automation of IT services. Here’s why.

The 2-way integration of eyeShare IT process automation with Remedy lets you automate alerts, ticket resolution, and ticket closure within Remedy. Instead of manual data entry and long service desk procedures, you can create a closed-loop automated process that accelerates incident management and resolution. Send, retrieve, and query tickets, as well as create, delete, or update tickets at the click of a button.

Most importantly, this integration requires absolutely no changes to the Remedy system, making it the only integration of its kind in the industry today. It simply provides a way to enhance the program’s performance and bring ITSM processes to a whole new level.

To watch a video demonstration of how BMC Remedy easily integrates with Ayehu eyeShare, click here.

How it Works

The Remedy module provides a bi-directional communication channel between remedy and eyeShare. Once the module is defined, eyeShare pulls newly submitted records and updates, translates them into incidents and displays them on the dashboard, initiating automated workflows. What this means for the end user is a tremendous reduction in manual workload and better control over the process.

eyeShare offers easy plug and play integration packs for BMC Remedy which use the appropriate BMC Web Service, combined with eyeShare listener, to enable and configure the target Remedy server, allowing the Integration Pack to function.  In other words, you get zero touch configuration. It doesn’t get any easier than that!

Some of the many advanced capabilities provided by this integration include:

  • Generate new tickets in Remedy
  • Close specified tickets in Remedy
  • Update any allowed fields within Remedy tickets
  • Produce query records of filtered tickets
  • Automate and schedule IT process workflows
  • 2-way notification and escalation capabilities
  • Bi-directional integrations with ITSM
  • Remote resolution and execution
  • Event driven workflow process
  • Generate reports
  • Perform time-to-repair measurements

You were wise enough to choose one of the most efficient, comprehensive ITSM solutions available on the market today. Now, be smart enough to enhance the capabilities provided by that solution by incorporating automation into the process. Learn more about how you can initiate this integration for your organization by downloading the Remedy Integration Data Sheet!

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